Mas weighing options amid Marlins' refusal to grant exclusive windowJuly 17, 2017 11:46pm

July 17-- Miami businessman Jorge Mas is considering whether to continue a pursuit of the Miami Marlins because he and the team haven't agreed on multiple key issues, according to a source close to Mas.

Though Mas has continued his pursuit of the Marlins in recent days, the source said Mas is now "weighing all options" in the wake of the Marlins' continued unwillingness to give him an exclusive negotiating window.

Mas and the Marlins also haven't been able to agree on a price. The Marlins want at least $1.2 billion, and Mas values the team under that.

Though reports have said Mas bid $1.17 billion, a source with direct knowledge said Mas hasn't submitted a firm offer in that amount.

Fox Business reported Monday that "MLB, the commissioners office, is worried that Jorge Mas could drop out of the bidding."

The Marlins have not granted an exclusive negotiating window because they want the process to remain competitive.

Groups led by former Yankees star Derek Jeter and New York/Palm Beach businessman Wayne Rothbaum also have been pursuing the team.

But Jeter hasn't come up with the money to finance the bid, and the Rothbaum/Tagg Romney group have been unwilling to meet Jeffrey Loria's asking price. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred declined to answer last week when asked how close Jeter is to coming up with the financing.


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