Sierra Leone agrees to accept 27 citizens deported from USSeptember 13, 2017 2:07pm

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — Sierra Leone's government says it will accept 27 of its citizens being deported from the United States because of various crimes.

The move comes as President Donald Trump's administration places visa restrictions on four African and Asian nations that have refused to accept citizens deported from the U.S.

Foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Turay on Wednesday told a local radio station that Sierra Leone's embassy in Washington will issue emergency travel certificates for the 27 citizens. He says they have been identified as being involved in various crimes in the U.S., including drug offenses.

The new U.S. restrictions on business and tourism visas will affect foreign ministry and immigration officials in the West African nation.

The new restrictions also affect nationals or certain officials in Eritrea, Guinea and Cambodia.

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