Cindy McCain Sees No Voice of Reason AnymoreAugust 21, 2019 6:11pm

The Republican Party has changed since her husband's death a year ago, Cindy McCain says. Bipartisanship is missing. "I don't see anybody carrying that mantle at all, I don't see anyone carrying the voice—the voice of reason," she tells ABC News in a new interview ahead of the anniversary of Sen.

John McCain's Aug. 25 death. Her husband was willing to work with Democrats on legislation, she says, though he acknowledged "there were many lonely days." A first step toward that kind of cooperation would be a return to civility.

To that end, the McCain family is calling on Americans to perform acts of civility in the last week of August to honor John McCain's legacy.

A video elaborates on the campaign. "Agree to disagree, but just be civil about it," Cindy McCain tells NPR.

ABC News notes that at no time did she "call out Trump directly," despite his frequent shots at her husband since his death.

John McCain wouldn't have fired back, she says. "Anger doesn't help anything. It also doesn't help my husband's legacy either, because that's not what he stood for." Nor is she critical of Sen.

Lindsey Graham. The longtime friend of John McCain has defended Trump and not said much in McCain's defense. "Lindsey's a part of my family," Cindy McCain says.

"I would just hope that in the long run, everyone would begin to move in the right direction, including Lindsey or anybody else. He's a good friend and I cannot, [and] will not, be critical of Lindsey."

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