New Mexico college bake sale charged prices based on raceA bake sale at the University of New Mexico set up by a nonprofit group to charge students based on race and ethnicity ended after opponents disrupted it
The Associated Press14 hours ago
Batman comic series to feature scenery from Portland, MaineA highly anticipated Batman comic book series will have some locations that might look familiar to Maine residents
The Associated Press15 hours ago
This Wednesday, Sept 20, 2017, image released by the Colorado Springs Police Department shows  a van dash camera showing a raccoon on a windshield.   Officer Chris Frabbiele was responding to an accident scene in a van used by police to investigate crashes when the raccoon landed on it late Wednesday night. Police spokesman Lt. Howard Black says the raccoon hopped off the van after Frabbiele stopped it. (Colorado Springs Police Department via AP)
Raccoon jumps on moving Colorado police van, takes a rideA Colorado Springs police officer heading to an accident scene in a van got a big surprise when a raccoon jumped onto the front windshield of the vehicle and stayed there until the officer pulled over
The Associated Press15 hours ago
Cops: Owner taken for ride when test driver leaves with carPolice in Pennsylvania say a man hoping to sell his car was taken for a ride when a prospective buyer drove away without him and never came back
The Associated Press19 hours ago
LL Bean publishes outdoors ad only visible in the sunlightIf you want to see L.L. Bean's new ad, you're going to have to step outdoors _ the only place you'll be able to read it
The Associated Press20 hours ago
Cops: 8-year-old girl helps drive drunken Pennsylvania manPolice say a drunken Pennsylvania man had an 8-year-old girl drive him around until someone saw the car moving recklessly and called 911
The Associated Press22 hours ago
California TV viewers alarmed by apocalyptic emergency alertSome television viewers in southern California were startled Thursday when an apocalyptic emergency alert flashed on their screens
The Associated Press23 hours ago
Better late than never? Library book returned 78 years laterA book borrowed nearly 80 years ago during the Great Depression has been returned to a Massachusetts public library
The Associated Press1 day ago
Council member gives opponent ABC (already been chewed) gumA Minneapolis City Council member has given one of her opponents something to chew over _ a piece of chewed gum
The Associated Press1 day ago
FILE - In this Thursday, May 26, 2011 file photo, Rep. Dawnna Dukes, right, listens to Rep Senfronia Thompson on the House floor during session in Austin, Texas. Travis County prosecutors say in a court filing that state Rep. Dukes spent more than $51,000 on an online psychic, appeared for work at the Capitol impaired and hid a cellphone from investigators. (Ralph Barrera/ Austin American-Statesman via AP)/Austin American-Statesman via AP, File)
Prosecutors: Texas lawmaker spent $51K on online psychicProsecutors say a Texas lawmaker apparently spent more than $51,000 of her own money on an online psychic, appeared for work at the Capitol impaired by medication and hid a cellphone from investigators
The Associated Press1 day ago
Police: Shop owner fires warning shot, gets stolen beer backPolice say Florida gas station owner chased man and fired warning shot, forcing suspect to return stolen beers
The Associated Press1 day ago
300 bats caught by janitors at Salt Lake City high school300 bats caught by janitors at Salt Lake City high school, after-school programs canceled so they could capture the flying mammals
The Associated Press1 day ago
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