France Expected to Break Heat Record Friday. That's WeirdJune 26, 2019 5:47pm

Typically, national record-high temperatures are set in July or August. In some parts of Europe, they are likely to be broken in June. The continent has been hit with an early summer heat wave, and some are predicting temperatures could reach 45C (113F) in certain parts of France Friday.

The current record for a June temperature in France is 41.5C (106.7F) in June 2003, and the current record for highest-ever temperature in France is 44.1C (111.4F) in August 2003.

Many buildings in France don't have AC, and some 15,000 people died in the country during 2003's heat wave. Per the Guardian, records—for both June highs and all-time highs—are expected to be broken all across Europe.

Eastern parts of Germany are already having their hottest June yet, with the AP reporting a 1947 record was broken Wednesday when the mercury hit 101.5F in Coschen.

Temperatures are predicted to climb as the week goes on.

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